Andy's Computer Solutions
Serving the South Chicago Suburbs and Surrounding Areas


Computer Repair, Consulting, Networking, Data Recovery, Custom Built PCs, Windows and Linux help/training. Also, there are no diagnostic fees when we fix your system!

A totally mobile approach to solving your computer issues. Simply email to set up an appointment.

Computers can be picked up and delivered back to your home or business. South Chicago Suburbs and Surrounding Areas Only Please.

Computer Repair

Diagnosis and repair of most computer issues. Servicing laptops and desktops. Most common under this category would be upgrades (memory, hard disk drives, DVD burners, etc.) replacing bad parts, virus/spyware removal.


How would I....? Should I try this....? What would you suggest that I....? Which program....? Answers to all of your computer questions for a small fee. This is only done in person the first time, but phone consultations are welcome following the initial appointment.


Wired, wireless, Linux, Mac, Windows. Networking is what makes computers talk. We can help setup your office to share a high speed internet connection, or just link your laptop to your computer at home to share some files. Questions are welcome.

Data Recovery

Got a nasty virus? Hard Drive crashed and you forgot to backup? Using the wonderful Linux operating system we are able to recover information from your computer after a serious crash or viral infection. While the other guys might tell you that your information is gone, they just don't know. No guarantee on data recovery services. Files may become corrupt during transfer.

Custom Built PCs

Have you ever wanted a gaming PC? A completely silent media center that can hookup to your HDTV? Dual-booting system to try a new operating system, but afraid to leave Microsoft completely? We offer custom built PCs to suit most of your needs. Call for an estimate. We apologize, but custom laptops are not available at this time.

Windows and Linux Help and Training

Any questions you might have about using your system can be answered in an on site/in home training session. Prices vary based on class content. Minimum of 1 hour per session.